For electrical wiring projects, large and small, it is imperative that a licensed electrician be called upon. In most states, hiring an electrical worker with a license is, in fact, the law. Incorrect electrical work may cause death or damage and destruction to property. And, the person trying to make the repair could wind up electrocuted. It’s important not to mess around with this miraculous yet potentially hazardous power system.

Our expert electricians wouldn’t say things like this to get you to call us. In fact, we just want you to call any licensed electrician if you need electrical work of any kind. Please don’t do it yourself or try to get your brother or friend to do it for you unless they are licensed. Of course, we will be glad to help you with the electrical wiring service or any other service you need.

An Electrician’s Training For Electrical Wiring Service Work

An electrician who is licensed has been through extensive training. Apprentice training programs are a common way that these professionals acquire their knowledge. An apprenticeship typically lasts four years and is a combination of class time and working under the tutelage of a seasoned professional electrician who has had extensive experience.

Some timeframe estimates state that 2,000 on the job hours and nearly 150 classroom study hours are required in order to complete the apprenticeship. Many apprentices begin with classroom study and then venture into the field with some knowledge under their tool belt. Once they are licensed, they are journeyman electricians.

Some of the things that they learn include reading blueprints, theory, and history of electrics, math, building codes, and safety measures. They will learn to measure, connect wires, test outlets and switches and how to install conduit.

Even after becoming certified and licensed, the journeyman must continue to upgrade their education throughout their careers. Electrical work is constantly changing its parameters as new methodology occurs in the field. In some states, a bachelor’s degree will dub these pros “master electricians” and they have to demonstrate superior knowledge to the NEC.

What’s Involved In Electrical Wiring Work

Electricians design, install and maintain electrical systems in homes. Many provide services to commercial or industrial businesses. The entire system is designed by the electrician before work ever begins. An electrical panel will be installed in order for the wiring to be connected to the service line and then be routed throughout the home or building. This all must be done correctly or the electrical system presents a safety and fire hazard.

An electrician may commonly rewire or install a dedicated circuit to power a hot-tub, hot water, or some other heavy appliance. The wiring has to be connected to the existing electrical system. Again, This must be done correctly or the electrical system presents a safety and fire hazard.

Unless you want to risk your house burning down, electrocuting yourself instantly, or harming a visitor or friend later, call a licensed electrician for your electrical wiring needs.