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If you are looking for an expert real estate & strata maintenance service company, then you look no more because Townsville Real Estate and Strata Maintenance offer professional services to our clients. We also provide virtual office facilities to our clients who cannot manage to physically maintain a team of maintenance experts in their premises. Addition to, we’re offering maintenance services to other industries as well. However, we are the best team of professionals who can effectively cater to your needs and requirements.

Our Townsville Electrical Emergency Service


Townsville Electrical Emergencies respond to an increasing number of emergencies each and every day. It’s necessary for an organization to have a plan in place in case of any emergency, be it natural or man-made. Electrically energized systems are a must for any organization, large or small. When there is an outage, electricity is essential to the operations of the business and can cause serious problems for the people and employees on site. For this reason it’s vital that there is regular training provided for all employees.


The Townsville Electrical Emergencies Services provides this training and support.


Electrical Emergency Service provides both practical advice and hands-on training to businesses in Townsville. This means that if there is ever an emergency or disruption to electrical systems at your business, you will know exactly what to do and be able to deal with any eventuality. Emergencies can happen at any time, either by a natural disaster or caused by a fault in the electrical supply.

Benefits of Hiring Townsville Expert Electricians for Property Maintenance Services

Benefit of using expert electricians for property maintenance services for your electrical concerns is the fact that the task is completed more quickly. In today’s competitive business world, time is money and if you are in the business of making sure that your buildings or other property are kept in tip top shape then you will need to speed up your turnaround time.

Townsville skilled electricians will be able to complete the necessary work on time addressing your electrical problems, which will allow you to continue with other important tasks. In today’s economy, every minute that is saved is considered to be money saved. If you are facing tough economic times then saving time is important and hiring an electrical experienced team to provide building maintenance services is one way of saving money and taking care of your properties.

Our Team is good at responding to any of the following unexpected emergency electrical problems.

  • Smoke and Electrical Fires
  • Sudden Power Outages
  • Overloaded and Burnt Outlets
  • Frequent electrical surges
  • Circuit breaker tripping frequently
  • Burning smell in the electrical panel
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It does not matter whether you are looking for just a simple fix such as a loose wire, or whether you want to have an entire electrical system replaced. You will be very happy with the workmanship that you will receive at the hands of our Townsville Electricians in our Town. 

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