Townsville Full Service Electrical Contractors

We provide full service electrical contractors that are specially trained professionals who repair, install and maintain gas and electricity supply lines. These are the persons who keep your electrical wiring and distribution systems in good shape for a smooth functioning of the electric current. They’re also experts in following all electrical codes and policies. While electricity can indeed be beneficial to us, the dangerous potential of electric shock makes this powerful force a great cause of threat and danger in many establishments and homes. Hence, hiring these electrical contractors can prove to be quite handy.

If you plan to get an electrical contractor to look after your electrical systems, you can simply call our Townsville Electricians. We take care of your electrical systems, whether residential or commercial. For instance, a power surge can make your electricity go out, which is very inconvenient especially if you’re in the middle of something important that you need to accomplish. A power surge is also a fire hazard, since it can start a fire easily and quickly.

New Electrical Installations


In case you're really busy with structure or revamping your house, make certain to call Townsville Electricians.

We will deal with all your new electrical installations effortlessly. Regardless of whether you own a little home or a huge corporate structure, no work is too enormous or little. We give new electrical establishments to:

  • Private properties
  • Business structures
  • Mechanical locales 
Why Hire Us?

A good full service electrical contractor ought to be licensed, bonded and insured. Our main responsibilities include installing and repairing different types of electrical systems. The main risks posed by electrical fires are from frayed wires, leaking fuses, lightning strikes and surges.


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