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Our company has been providing electrical services from residential to commercial for years. We are local electricians serving our Townsville area, the place we affectionately call home. You can always depend on us for expert work, from shop fit-outs, to installing electricity, fixing problems and more.

Townsville Commercial Electrical Service


Commercial electrical service is a must have service for any type of business that utilizes electrical work of any sort, from a small home business to a large corporation. No matter what type of company it is, commercial electricians are necessary in order to ensure that all electrical work is completed properly and up to code. Any electrical issue in a company can range from simple to extremely complicated, and without proper training, an electrician may not have the right knowledge and experience to safely complete certain tasks. Commercial electrical service includes installation of new electrical equipment and repairing or maintaining any existing equipment.


The price of commercial electrical service depends on the complexity of the job as well as the location in which it needs to be performed. It is common for electrical companies to charge a per hour rate, but there are also many companies that offer a flat rate fee that will include all work that has been completed. With any type of electrical issue, it is important to make sure that the commercial electrical service company that is hired will be able to repair or replace anything that is damaged during the process, as this will ensure that the business can continue running as normal while the repairs are being made. Any type of electrical issue should always be left to a licensed and certified professional electrician so that they can be sure to fix any problems correctly the first time.


There are many different types of electrical services that Townsville commercial electrical service company can provide. From lighting to security, there are plenty of services that are provided to businesses to ensure their safety and properly conduct business. Commercial electrical service can be costly, especially for larger businesses, but with the proper planning, any electrical issue can be handled properly. By hiring a licensed and certified electrical service provider, any issues with electrical safety will be addressed properly before any damage occurs to property or employees.

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Townsville Electricians understands that every commercial property is concerned about the welfare of their employees as well as for their customers. Furthermore, as their trusted commercial electricians Townsville, it is likewise our priority to help you and provide you electrically safe business premises. We all know that electrical jobs are unsafe and dangerous for those who have no electrical knowledge, but with us, you can rely on our well trained commercial electricians who can handle every electrical work.

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